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There are lots of extra features with our flexible plans.

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There are lots of extra features with our flexible plans.

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EXTRA features with Private Lesson FLEXIBLE PLANS

- You will have access to ALL our fully qualified and experienced native English teachers

- Choose either 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions EACH time you book a lesson.

- All courses valid for ONE YEAR.

- Book, cancel or change lessons up to just 3 HOURS before

- Lessons when you want - weekdays, evenings or weekends.

- Easy to book lessons in automated booking calendar in your local time. Have any number of lessons per day, week or month.

- Placement test

- Speaking fluency test

- Personal study adviser

- Choose General English, Business English, Exam preparation or Travel & Culture courses - all at the same price.

- Suitable for all levels from beginners to proficient.

- Interactive teaching material for dynamic lessons.

- See teacher's computer screen.

- Main focus on speaking with new vocabulary in context.

- Correction of grammar & pronunciation mistakes.

- Optional homework activities.

- Regular feedback & progress reports. See and review all whiteboard content after every lesson.

- Certificate of completion if required after 50 lessons.

- Review all previous lessons.

- Option to record the lesson.

- Interactive self-study material

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